GECCO is based on the Disciplinary Commons, an established model that is successful in sharing practice and catalysing new practice. It involves a group of practitioners from diverse institutions (in this case, all involved with employability) meeting three times during an academic year to share, reflect on and document their practice.

As a persistent deliverable participants prepare a “showcase” representation describing an aspect of their practice (using the format from the CPHC Computing Graduate Employability: Sharing Practice report); additionally they critique each other’s showcases, and visit each other’s institutions.

This combination of critical self-examination and peer review helps participants understand their own practice, identify places where innovation and change are desirable, share what works, borrow from others, and see their own work in the context of a broad range of possibilities.

London Series Manchester Series Edinburgh Series
Meeting 1 Friday 13th May 2016 Friday 20th May 2016 Friday 27th May 2016
Meeting 2 Thursday 7th July 2016 Friday 16th September 2016 Friday 14th October 2016
Meeting 3 Friday 18th November 2016 Friday 9th December 2016 Friday 20th January 2017